Blue White Wines is 100% Israeli, 100% Kosher, but never “Mevushal” . The club was established out of passion to Israel, love of wine and the need to bring the growing variety of quality Israeli wines to your reach.

Israeli wine making has greatly evolved over the past years. There are now over 200 different wineries, all the way from the Negev to the tip of the Golan Heights, many competing with some of the best California and European wines with rating by established wine magazines topping the 90.

We want you to be part of this!

Our Founder:

Nadav Glucklich

A banker with a passion for Israel and wine.  After completing four years in the Israeli Army, moving to the US and completing his Master’s degree in New York, Nadav moved up the ranks in the financial services industry.

During his last role at Goldman Sachs’ Investment Banking Division, where he covered the Israeli Start-ups in the US, Nadav developed a passion for entrepreneurship and decided to bring the taste of Israel to our homes.

Nadav spent many years visiting the ever-growing number of wineries in Israel, learning about their unique tastes as well as the different varieties and terroirs. Together with his team, Nadav hand picks the club wines every quarter and keeps in direct contact with our clients.

Our Tasters:

Yonathan Sternberg

Born in New York and currently residing in Jerusalem, Yonatan Sternberg has been a culinary and wine writer for some 5 years now. With over 100 articles published both in Israel and abroad, Yonatan primarily focuses on the Israeli scene but has also traveled quite extensively with recent wine tours to Italy, Argentina and Turkey. His articles can be found in the Canadian Jewish News, and, among others.

Yonatan’s passion for food & beverage started at the age of 13 after enjoying a memorable meal prepared by renowned Israeli Chef Shalom Kadosh. While at the time, he only had a few sips of each wine, he knew that this is one passion that he will pursue.

Additionally, Yonatan serves as a trade specialist and strategic consultant at EDI (, a Jerusalem based consulting firm and also volunteers as the Resource Development Manager at AlmaLinks (, a non profit organization that connects young Jewish professionals to the Israeli private and academic sectors

Esther Cohen

Esther’s love for wine sparked when she traveled to Christchurch, New Zealand in 2004 for a Study Abroad program and studied wine appreciation. Esther grew up in Boston, MA and graduated Northeastern University with a Bachelors of Psychology and a Masters of Leadership.Her passion for wine continued as she traveled Europe tasting wines of Italy, France and Greece.

Esther’s zest for Israel was instilled in her from her Jewish education and camping experiences throughout her childhood and teenage years. After working in the Jewish community advocating for Israel on college campuses, she moved to Israel and made Aliyah in June 2008.

Esther was not sure what type of work she would set out to do in Israel but she knew that Israel had a developing wine industry so after exploring some job possibilities; she got a job at Tishbi Estate Winery in Zichron Yaakov. Esther worked at Tishbi Winery in the Visitors Center for a year as an English tour guide and waitress. After eight months Esther realized that there was a lack of organized wine tours in Israel. In January 2010, Esther established My Israel Wine Tours, the leading wine tour company in Israel.

In the two years since its establishment, Esther has led over 200 wine tours with 600 clients throughout Israel five wine regions.  If you are traveling to Israel in the near future, contact Esther and she will set up a unique and customized wine tour for you.

To learn more about Esther’s wine tour company go to:

David Benisrael

David Benisrael has experience in both technology and the wine industry. After growing up in San Francisco, he moved to Israel and completed a B.A. Finance at the IDC Herzliya. While living in Israel he was an integral member of the early VOIP start up, PokeTalk (acquired in 2011).

David also has extensive expertise in the wine industry which included a wine making apprenticeship at Barkan Wine Cellars, in Israel, and corporate sales for a premier fine-wine brokerage house, in California. Currently, David is finishing his MBA in Entrepreneurship at Baruch College, and is the 2012 Lawrence N. Field Fellow in Entrepreneurship, at the Zicklin School of Business