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Premium Gift Box by Alexander Winery


$150.00 Retail Price

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About this gift:


The only way Alexander Winery knows how to do things - Top of the line!

This gift box is made with excellent craftsmanship and includes a 95 point rating wine, a premium box, custom made to Alexander Winery in Israel. Solid black with engraved logo and design that follows the jewlery motif of Alexander's winery founders.

Included is a premium Amarolo bottle ( the only Amarolo wine made in Israel) - this is a 94 point (Robert Parker) premium bottle with a cooper label which can be enjoyed now or aged for over 10 years.

Next to this amazing wine we will add two wine Jams and a bottle if Israeli Olive Oil.


100% Israeli! 100% Kosher and not Mevushal!


** Contact us to customize this gift set - change to 3 bottle of wines, different Alexander Wines or any other food combinations.

About Alexander Winery:


Yoram Shalom began acquiring his love for wine and winemaking as a child watching his father, Alexander Shalom, making wine at home. His interest and curiosity to learn and master winemaking developed through reading, experimenting, visiting and consulting vintners and winemakers in Israel and abroad. Finally, his urge and burning desire to make wine overcame him and he decided to switch to full time winemaking. He resigned his position as a photographer with the Israeli Television and became a full time winemaker and a winery owner.


In 1996, Yoram, founded Alexander Winery in Tel-Aviv , and relocated to Beit Yitzhak in 1999. The winery began as a small family venture but slowly grew into a very successful, highly acclaimed boutique winery. Since the 2006 vintage the winery products are Kosher and in 2007 the wines are also Kosher under the supervision of the “Beit Joseph” organization.


The winery follow strict family hartitage with Italian production. Their Amarolo bottle is the only Israeli Amarolo produced and is a work of art!