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Wooden Gift Bag by Psagot Winery


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About this gift:


This is a one of a kind, made in Israel, gift set directly from Psagot Winery.

The packaging is made out of wood in a shape of a gift bag and has qulity print in black ink with Psagot Winery logo and decoration

Three wine bottles are included two reds ( a Cab and a Merlot) and a refreshing Rose for a compete tasting of this awsome winery.


100% Israeli! 100% Kosher and not Mevushal!

About Psagot Winery:


“Psagot” in Hebrew means “Hights”. Psagot Winery is in the Psagot, north of Jerusalem.  The winery was established in 2003 under the direction of winemaker Yaakov Berg.

The winery’s grapes are grown & harvested in vineyards rooted on a picturesque limestone terraces, 900 meters above water level in the settlement "Psagot" in Binyamin. The vineyards overlook the Wadi Kelt basin, the Jericho Valley, the Dead Sea and the Edomite Mountains.

During working the ground, an opening was discovered which led the family to an amazing cave from the period of the Second Temple. The cave was part of an ancient array of caves, which per one archaeological version, equates the location with the Biblical city of Ai, one of the cities conquered by Joshua bin Nun. Slightly above the cave, a second cave was discovered in which an olive press and wine press from the Second Holy Temple era were uncovered. These days, the ancient cave serves as a large wine barrel cellar next to impressive stainless steel tanks and other winemaking equipment.