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Tasting Notes

The Psagot Edom is a wonderful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot harvested from choice vineyards in the Jerusalem Hills.  Lighter in body and more refined than many of the Bordeaux blends from the North, this wine offers structured tannins and and a smooth finish.  

With notes of wild raspberries, mocha, and five spice, the Psagot Edom draws its flavor from its rich Terroir and dry mountains climate that stretches across the Judean mountains.  This is the second time that I have tasted this wine since it was bottled and it is a perfect red for the warm spring and hot summer months.  

This red should pair well with any classic mediterranean meal is especially good with grilled salmon and roasted vegetables.

By David Benisrael


About Psagot

The community settlement of Psagot is located on the peaks of the Benjamin region mountains, 900 meters above sea level, east of the city of Ramallah, overlooking the Wadi Kelt basin, the Jericho Valley, the Dead Sea and the Edomite Mountains.

Myriad in the breathtaking scenery of the Judean Mountains, the Berg family planted vineyards and orchards and developed a beautiful winery. With vineyards snaking across land that covers ancient caves that date back to the Second Temple, Psagot winery makes new world wines with a unique Mediterranean style.  

One of the up and coming wineries in Israel, Psagot is continuing to produce excellent wines that show the world that the Israeli wine industry has reached a new phase