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Yarden Avital Slopes Syrah 2007 is composed of 100% Syrah grapes from the Avital vineyards in the Golan Heights.  This wine is a deep, complex and concentrated wine with soft tannins and notes of cedarwood.   It was aged for 18 months in French barrels. It is full bodied and aromatic, opening in the glass to show generous purple plums, blackberries and black cherries. 

The long finish gives off the pepper spice and earthy minerals.  This wine pairs well a juicy filet mignon or rack of lamb.  Enjoy this wine with your entrée dish.  This is best to drink between 2014 and 2022

By Esther Cohen

Rogov z"l :93 points

About Golan Hights Winery

The Golan Heights Winery is the leading winery in Israel.  Established in 1984, the Golan Heights Winery now produces about 8 million bottles of wine.  They produce premium varietals, proprietary blends and traditional method sparkling wines, all marketed under the labels "Yarden", "Gamla" and "Golan".   Today, the Golan Heights Winery is a company owned by 4 kibbutzes and 4 moshavs. They manage the vineyards, which rise from near the Sea of Galilee to the foot of the snow-capped Mount Hermon.  The winery combined state-of-the-art technology with traditional vinification techniques.

Golan Heights Winery has repeatedly won the highest recognition at major international wine exhibitions when competing against fine wines from around the world., including recently the "New World Winery of the Year" by Wine Enthusiast.  The terrior of the Golan Heights is ideal of growing a variety of grapes because of the wind pattern, cold Winters and warm Summers.  The soil consists of rich volcanic soil.

The chief winemaker is Victor Schoenfeld, a graduate of the University of California at Davis. His team includes three associates, all professional winemakers educated in California, Burgundy and Bordeaux. Between them they have experience in California, France, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina. In addition, the winery consultant, Peter Stern, from California, also remains actively involved.

The Golan Heights Winery has not only raised the standards of Israeli wines, but has also allowed Israel to compete on the world stage on quality alone. The continued success has fully justified the optimism of the winery's creators and clearly illustrates the perfect synergy between vineyard and winery, growers and winemaker, and their mutual search for excellence.

At the Golan Heights Winery one can explore the underground cellars, elegant tasting room and spectacular grounds.  The Golan Heights Winery is a must visit when traveling to Israel