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Tasting Notes

Made with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from prestigious vineyards in the Northern Golan Hieghts the Gilgal Brut is made strictly according to the traditional method form Champagne.  

The grapes are traditionally pressed as whole clusters and each bottle ages for a minimum of one year prior to disgorging.  With delicate notes of green apples, etrog, candied orange peel and hints of star fruit and wild flowers, this is by far the best value sparkling wine in Israel.   

This is a bright wine with a balanced acidity, and clean refreshing body. Perfect for weekend dinners with friends or just a warm summer evening, this brut pairs well with goat cheese, grilled fish, and sushi.   Considering the small amount of choices for high quality Israeli sparkling wines, this is a great choice and a even better value.

By David Benisrael

For more than five millennia, the fertile lands encapsulating the Sea of Galilee have been considered to be the origin of wine. Our vineyards are nestled among the fertile, picturesque vineyards of our ancestors. Little has changed in the land’s exquisite nature. The rolling terrain continues to provide the ideal combinations of soil composition, giving the grapes their unique character.

With the creation of the Golan Heights Winery came the introduction of a new generation of grapes, grown from superior-quality vines imported from California. With the kiss of the Mediterranean breeze, nourished by the pure streams of the Golan, and the touch of expert viticulturists, the new vines seamlessly integrated into the ancient landscape—as if meant to be—producing world-class grapes garnering the essence of a land like no other place on Earth.

The Upper Galilee is considered to be Israel’s premier wine-growing region.