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Tasting Notes

Yarden Odem Merlot 2007 is composed of 100% Merlot grapes from the Odem vineyards in the Golan Heights.  This vineyard is organic and of volcanic rich soil.  The vineyard is owned by a local kibbutz.  This wine is dark ruby towards garnet, full bodied with silky tannins and gentle spicy wood influences. 

It was oaked for 16 months in French barrels.  It opens to reveal a generous array of ripe red currents, black cherries, mocha and has a long finish with dark fruits and vanilla oak.  This wine pairs well with duck, or a pasta dish with a rich red sauce

By David Benisrael

About Odem Winery

Created as a joint venture between eight Israeli Moshavim and Kibbutzim, the Golan Heights Winery first vintage was released in 1984 and since then has been considered the leading winery in Israel.   With accolades and 90+ wine scores from some of the most famous wine critics in the world, the Golan Heights winery have shown the global wine industry that world class wine can be made in Israel. 

 With over 6 million bottles of wine produced a year the the Golan Heights winery markets brands under the Golan, Yarden and Giggal labels and is the parent company of Galilee's Galil Mountain Winery.

The winery sources its grapes form prestigious areas all over the Golan Heights and the vineyards are planted in a terrior made up of  volcanic soil and the quintessential Mediterranean climate.  The chief winemaker is California trained Victor Schoenfeld and the winery blends modern wine making technology with high quality control to make some of the best wines in Israel.  When it comes to consistency and quality the Golan Heights Winery has set the standard for the Israeli wine Industry and leads the market with its Rom, El Rom, Katzrin, and Odem vineyards and reserve wines.  If you are looking for the highest level of Israeli wine, you have found it