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Tasting Notes

Shiloh Chardonnay 2009 is a medium bodied white wine that is fresh and aromatic. This wine was fermented and aged in French oak barrels for 8 months so the texture is slightly buttery but there is also a nice balance of acidity that makes this wine refreshing to drink. The color is golden straw and has aromas of tropical fruits and a mineral flavor. This wine is easy to drink on its own on a warm summer’s day or with a variety of foods. The alcohol content is not high in this wine which reflects the way the grapes were grown and the winemaker’s elegant style. The wine is more French style than American style

The flavors resemble melon, a hint of lemon and with a nutty finish. This wine pairs well with fish, roasted chicken or turkey and a creamy pasta dish. Serve chilled.

By Esther Cohen

About Shiloh

Shiloh Winery was established in 2005 by Amichai Luria. At first the winery started small with only a few thousand bottles but after 6 years, Luria is producing 100,000 bottles annually and is now exporting his wine to the United States and Canada. Shiloh Winery is situated in the Judean Hills in the region of Binyamin. Amichai produces three series – Mor, Shor and Reserve and in these series include Bordeaux style blends, Chardonnay, and varietal wines of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Petit Syrah.

Luria is very proud that his winery sits near an ancient wine press from Biblical times. Also in the town of Shiloh there is an excavation site with an ancient city, wine press and an modern day olive oil factory. The winery itself is located in the industrial area of Shiloh and resembles a garage winery. Luria used metal tanks for fermentation and French oak barrels for the aging process. He is creative with how he makes his wine and even ferments and ages his Chardonnay in the barrels for 8 months instead of using metal tanks.

The grapes are grown in a thoughtful and meticulous manner so only the best grapes produce Shiloh wine. The terrior where the grapes are grown are also an ancient area where Jacob planted grapes for his family. The dry, limestone soil, cool evening and warm days give the grapes a beautiful acidity and color. The altitude of the vineyards are 750 to 900 meters above sea level. Luria’s wine is sought out by sommeliers, gourmands locally and internationally and his wines are awarded gold medals in prestigious wine expos.

The grapes for Carmel Winery are grown throughout the land of Israel. Carmel Winery buys the grapes they desire for each of their series from certain kibbutzes, private farms and some of the land they own themselves. On the label on the back of the bottle, the location of the grapes should be listed. Because they buy their wine from very different terriors in Israel, they can be creative with how they blend their wines.

The logo of Shiloh winery is interesting! It is a drawing of a bull which represents strength, passion, internal force, humility and greatness. Luria is a humble man who is very proud of his ability to make delicious Israeli wine in a very difficult terrior and contribute to an ancient industry in a very modern way. What is also important to Luria is to make his wine accessible to everyone. He does not want price or snobbery to affect his wine. Shiloh wines are a great “bang for their buck!” .