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This is a limited edition Magnum of one of the finest Israeli boutique wines. Perfect gift for a dinner celebration. This bottle will become the centrepiece!

Tasting Notes

Castel Grand Vin is an elegant and "classic" wine with deep color, intense and complex bouquet. Made from a blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot and 5% of Petit Verdot, the palate is silky and rich with deep black fruit, spices and soft but assertive tannins. It is a well-balanced wine that tends to be velvety and smooth, and the finish is long, silky and clean. The Grand Vin is aged for 24 months in new French oak barrels.

About Domaine du Castel

Domaine du Castel is a small winery in the Judean Hills (Haute-Judee) 10 miles west of Jerusalem. We made our first wine in 1992. Castel is a family run business that’s run by me, Eli Ben-Zaken, the winery’s owner and winemaker

The soil is clay and limestone with lots of stones and with a very good drainage, especially as all the vineyards are on sloping ground. It is an ideal "wine country" soil, very similar to some of the best vineyards in the world. The usual planting density in Israel is about 2000 vines per hectare with a yield of up to 120hl/h. Ours is 50hl/h with a density between 4500 and 7000 vines per hectare. We use very limited irrigation, which is in our opinion the right formula for producing the best grapes, to make the best wine.

We taste the grapes and we test the juice for sugar and acidity before we decide on the best time to harvest. We handpick the grapes in small 20kg boxes. We destem all the grapes and we ferment the must in stainless steel tanks not larger than 125hl at controlled temperatures. The maceration period can be as long as 30 days depending on the nature of the grapes. Our decision to press is based on tasting appreciation. The malolactic fermentation occurs naturally. After a gentle and low pressure pressing, the free run wine and the press wine are mixed according to tasting tests.

"Castel-Grand Vin is then aged for 24 months in 100% New French Oak 225lt barrels (Chateau model) made exclusively by Seguin Moreau of Cognac, one of the leading if not the best French coopers. The barriques are placed in an underground cellar excavated in the rock, which is equipped with control temperature and relative humidity. The barrels are topped up every week and every three months they are racked, washed, fumed with sulfur and refilled. Our wines are unfined and unfiltered to fully preserve their flavours.

The wines are then bottled in Bordeaux type bottles and "Castel-Grand Vin" is corked with 54mm Portuguese branded and dated corks, labeled, capped with pewter, individually wrapped and placed in wood cases. We release our wines once a year in the Spring. "Castel-Grand Vin" is a 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot, 10% Petit Verdot blend.