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The Kayoumi Shriaz is a special wine that is bold and big! The color is a deep garnet and the aromas last for hours on end. The initial smell is filled with black current and roasted coffee beans. This wine was oaked for 15 months in French barrels which gives the wine its smooth tannins and velvety texture in your mouth. As most Shiraz or Syrah wines, this wine carries spices of black pepper and spicy oak, as well as, holds the characteristics of plums and ripe cherries. Other flavors that can be detected are dark chocolate and tobacco on the finish. This wine can be drunk now or age until 2015

Enjoy the long finish and full bodied aspects of this wine with a Beef Stew, Lamb Kabobs, Middle Eastern cuisine or Pasta Carbonara!

By Esther Cohen

Daniel Rogov,z”l: 92 points

About Kayoumi Shiraz

The Kayoumi Shiraz 2009 is part of the Carmel Single Vineyard series.  Kayoumi vineyards produce some of the best grapes in the land of Israel and are located on the foothills of Mount Meron near Tsfat.  The Kayoumi Shiraz is made from 100% Shiraz grapes and was handpicked at night. Kayoumi vineyards produce consistent Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for Carmel Winery, which is very important.

Kayoumi is part of Carmel winery. Carmel Winery is the historic winery of Israel. In 1882, sixty-four families came from Romania and settled in what is now the town of Zichron Yaakov. During their first few months there were a lot of hardships in the new community so they reached out to the Jewish community Worldwide to help them and Baron Edmond de Rothschild, an avid Zionist and owner of Château Lafite in Bordeaux, came to help these immigrants by establishing Carmel Mizrachi Winery. Rothschild bought plots of land and gave them to each family so they could cultivate the land and plant vineyards for the winery. The livelihood of the community was surrounded by wine and vine production. Rothschild’s vision for Carmel was that it was the hub for kosher wine for Jewish people around the world. He even opened sales offices in New York, Moscow and Paris.

Carmel Winery is not the oldest winery in Israel, but it is the most influential and largest to date. Carmel actually had the monopoly on the Israeli wine industry for 100 years until in 1983 the Golan Heights Winery was established.

Carmel Winery is a very different winery from when it was established over 120 years ago but more importantly it continues to grow with the modern trends and leads the way for the modern day Israeli wine industry. At the winery, you can see the huge tanks that hold thousands of gallons of wine and they even have some of the cement tanks from the 1930s that are still making the wine.

The story of Carmel represents the story of Israel, and the recent developments of Carmel’s wines, symbolizes the revolution of Israeli wine in recent years.